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Motion Capture SERVICES - Full Body MOCAP, Face MOCAP, Arms MOCAP, Fingers MOCAP. SPECIAL OFFERS - Требуется PHP програмист, , . OUR PROJECTS - Feature Films, Commercials, Games, Music Videos and other. Motion Capture GALLERY - pictures from MOCAP sessions, work in progres, MOCAP actros, studio and more. About Motion Capture Studio MOCAP.LT Contacts of Motion Capture Studio MOCAP.LT


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Full working day of mo cap studio is 1000 euro.
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Manual mocap data cleaning is 4 euro / 1 sec.

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Motion Capture Studio MOCAP.LT (European Union, Lithuania, Vilnius) MOCAP cameras Vicon MX-F40 and Vicon MX-F20
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Motion Capture Performers MOCAP.LT" – professional MOCAP studio in the Baltic states. The studio is perfectly equipped for providing of the whole range of motion capture services for television, feature films, computer games’ developers as well as for medical and scientific researches. Size of a capture volume is 20 m², what gives actors, stunt men and performers full freedom of action while working with mocap system. The studio is equipped with 8 mocap cameras from Vicon, which are the most precise and highly productive in this industry.


Studio offers its motion capture services of the full body motion capture, hands motion capture and face motion capture with application of modern high-precision equipment and software from VICON.


Software " Vicon IQ" and " Vicon BLADE" is being applied in work with motion capture.


Captured data can easily be transferred to 3D modeling and animation applications, such as MAYA, 3DS MAX, MotionBuilder, XSI, for further use in animation and setting them on characters. Also MOCAP.LT provides total support, training and consultations on how to process mocap data.

One of our goals is to lighten the work of animators and visual effects producers, to familiarize them with mocap technology, its application, what will help to achieve more significant results in incredibly short periods of time. Mocap technology is widely used in countries with more developed TV and movie industries .

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